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The Lockean Project

“Why Democrats are so undemocratic”

 Monterey Herald, sent Dec. 23, 2023, not published

Why is the Democrat Party so desperate to prevent other political candidates from running for the U.S. Presidency, including well-known Democrat Party candidates?

For instance, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is being blocked from running for U.S. President in several Democrat Party primaries. His party told him that votes cast for him would not be counted, even write-in ballots. This is why Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. had no choice but to run as an Independent.

This same Democrat Party tactic is harming (D) Congressman Phillips’s presidential bid in Florida. Why does the Democrat Party want to stop their own candidates from running for office? Isn’t this election interference?

There is now a court decision to strip election rights from a Republican candidate for President in Colorado.

Apparently, only Joe Biden can run for President? Does this mean that no other candidates can run, neither Democrat nor Republican? Isn’t this the type of behavior usually reserved for dictators? Maybe we should start referring to the Biden Democrats as the “Undemocratic Party?”

How did we get to a point where hardly anyone is allowed to run for President?

Lawrence Samuels, Carmel