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The Lockean Project

“La Mesa”

Monterey Herald – Jan. 4, 2024

Over the past year I have had occasion to make work calls out to the Navy housing facility in Monterey known as La Mesa Village.  The physical condition of the property is disheartening.  The streets are falling apart and are full of potholes and broken pavement.  The common areas are dirty and unkempt.  It looks as if no one is responsible for trimming the grass, shrubs, maintaining plants etc.  The yards around the homes and apartments are dirty and the vegetation is not cared for.  Who’s responsible for this mess? Are the tenants? The Navy? Whom?  The entire place is a poor example of what military housing should look like for our military families. Someone needs to get up off of their butts and get the streets repaved and the rest of the place fixed up.  La Mesa Village is a visual embarrassment and is becoming a blight.

— Mark Carbonaro, Monterey