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The Lockean Project

“‘Inquiry Authority’ ordinance is incorrect”

MCweekly, sent on Jan. 2, 2024, not published

In the Weekly “Local Spin” article “Bully Pulpit”, Pacific Grove Council Member Luke Coletti is taken to task for holding city staff accountable. That is what he was elected to do. He does his research, is prepared to discuss complex city issues, and asks pointed questions based on facts. Your characterization of the proposed Pacific Grove “Inquiry Authority” ordinance is incorrect. You say that staff “are disempowered from doing the work the public expects’ by this type of necessary inquiry.

In my opinion, there is not enough questioning of staff. For example, more questioning by PG City Council of former PG housing manager Anastasia Wyatt, who bailed on the City after the Housing Element consultant she and Mr. Harvey hired was fired, could have prevented costly replacement contracts and missed HCD deadlines.

In 2022 Ms. Wyatt brought Shangri-La Industries in as the Pacific Grove Homekey project Consultant, which we now know in reporting by the Weekly, subsequently defaulted on construction loans for the Good Nite Inn project Ms. Wyatt managed in Salinas. Perhaps a more pointed inquiry upfront would have prevented the loss of millions of dollars on the well-needed projects. You owe an apology to Mr. Colletti.

Mike Gibbs | Pacific Grove.