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DEI is discrimination

“DEI is discrimination”, Carmel Pine Cone – November 17, 2023

The headline, “MPC develops new ‘anti-racism’ department,” is a front-page article in The Pine Cone’s Nov. 10 issue. MPC labels it an “Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism and Accessibility Department.” Evidently, the MPC administration doesn’t know that the Supreme Court has ruled against all types of discrimination, that DEI departments are a plague in colleges and universities, that corporations are closing their DEI sections before they get sued for discrimination.

DEI sells a narrative that there are only oppressors and oppressed and everything must be judged in that light. Of course, that requires DEI to tell you who’s the victim and who’s the victimizer — by groups. It’s nonsense. Student failures are better explained as victims of poor educational systems than discrimination.

An “anti-racist” department is racist in its very description. DEI rejects concepts of meritocracy, equality of opportunity and individual responsibility.

What makes MPC unique is running to catch up with a process that has already caused so much damage. The fact MPC can offer no evidence of any kind is part of the DEI formula.

Theodore Dreiser once called a group together to form an organization to help “undiscovered geniuses.” He was asked to name one. He couldn’t. He was smart enough to drop the whole idea. MPC should learn from his example.

David Goldenson, Carmel