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DEI’s fatal flaws

“DEI’s fatal flaws”, Carmel Pine Cone – November 17, 2023

I watched the three-hour House Judiciary Committee hearing on campus free speech and the Hamas/Israel war on CSPAN on Nov. 9. I learned a lot about why the current trend of DEI is not working in our cities and universities. The fatal flaw of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion movement is the good guy/bad guy assumption with respect to Western civilization in general. This assumption holds that Western civilizations are inherently racist oppressors that have victimized non-European people in our own country and around the world. This leads us to the Hamas/Israel War as it was discussed in the hearing I watched on television.

My own experience with the DEI Task Force in Pacific Grove and elsewhere is they favor mostly two groups: Brown people and LGBTQOA+. At the present time, in the eyes of DEI, the Palestinians have shot up to the top of the list of “most oppressed.” Evidence is the massive campus demonstrations all over the country with the outright antisemitic slogans such as, “Freedom from the river to the sea,” and “Glory to the murderers,” and the open and public harassment and murder of Jews in America.

Regardless of who you think is responsible for the current violence going on in the Middle East, the DEI movement has helped to ignite hatred, violence and discrimination against Israel and the Jewish population in the Western world. This is their fatal flaw. The DEI movement does not represent individuals but assumes that human beings can be lumped into categories of good guy/bad guy. The DEI movement will not prevail, just as the House Un-American Activities Committee in the 1950s died out in disgrace.

Carol Marquart, Pacific Grove