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The Biden crime family, tip of iceberg

“The Biden crime family, tip of iceberg”, Monterey Herald, sent on Aug. 13, 2023, never published

Some in the media maintain that there is no evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement with bribery, tax fraud, and money laundering. Guess again!

Here is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of these criminal activities by the Biden family have been verified by Hunter’s laptop and by the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. A number of IRS and FBI whistleblowers have confirmed the charges of criminal activity by then-Vice President Biden with foreign nationals.

Devon Archer, Hunter’s main business partner, testified that Joe and Hunter were involved in many dubious business transactions, declaring that President Biden’s family “was in the business of influence peddling.” In essence, Archer said that Hunter was selling access to Joe Biden’s decision-making authority to companies and nations, making millions with his “Biden brand.”

In the IRS FD-1023 record generated by the FBI, $5 million of unreported money went to one Biden and another $5 million to another Biden. Over 20-plus secret shell companies wired millions to Joe, Hunter, and other Biden family members.

And worst, the media still cannot explain what Hunter Biden was paid for.

Lawrence Samuels, Carmel