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Kudos for Kessler

Kudos for Kessler, Monterey Herald – August 23, 2023

I want to thank columnist, Stephen Kessler, (Aug. 19) for his brilliant opinion piece “Identity and Victimization Sweepstake” which strikes at the very heart of what we have been suffering through in Pacific Grove: The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force. This committee is putting together a “cultural calendar” which is a day-by-day celebration of the most, THE VERY MOST oppressed, marginalized, and disempowered groups in all of human history.  It’s a tough job. The co-chair of this committee is busy name-calling and denouncing on social media half of the members of the Pacific Grove City Council and several members of the public who happen to oppose her agenda. What is the mission of the DEI Task Force? “To promote racial healing and social justice.”  I have to laugh at this one. Thank you, Mr. Kessler, for not feeling oppressed by your Jewish ethnicity. I am, however, feeling very oppressed by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force of Pacific Grove.

— Carol Marquart, Pacific Grove