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Classic Car Week 2

Classic Car Week 2, Monterey Herald, August 23, 2023

Every year at this time we have to put up letters decrying Car Week for various and sundry reasons.  The latest now is the “environmental effect” of Car Week.  They complain about private jets and cars coming to Monterey but I don’t hear the same complaints about private jets coming here for the AT&T, the Women’s U.S. Open, or other large non-automobile events.  Last time I checked, carbon footprints are carbon footprints and the type of event really doesn’t matter.  And as far as automobile pollution goes, I would remind those critics the Monterey Bay Aquarium draws over 2 million visitors to our area annually.  The vast majority travel here by private car.  Is there no “environmental effect” from these visitors, or does the Aquarium get a pass because it’s favored by enviros and other such politically influential types? The pollution caused by Car Week pales in comparison to the environmental effect of 2 million annual visitors coming to see the “fish prison.”  I have no ax to grind against the Aquarium, Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ocean Avenue, or any of the other popular tourist draws in Monterey County.  They are all an important part of our local economy and they all help keep our population employed.  I think a little perspective is in order from the loudest critics of Car Week.

— Mark Carbonaro, Monterey