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The Lockean Project

Everything under the sun

“Everything under the sun”, sent to the Monterey Herald, Aug. 12, 2023, not published

Everything under the sun seems to be up for banishment.  Think about some of our fossil-fueled everyday and military items such as stoves, central heating, water heaters, cars, 18-wheeler trucks, freight vessels, trains, backup generators, aircraft, space rockets, air conditioners, refrigeration, even our defense missile system, to name a few! Will some be made exceptions to keep us “safe”? Does this include wealthy people’s private aircraft?

Now, these mandates and restrictions are not coming from our legislatures but from an Executively Ordered Agency (because Nixon couldn’t get this agency passed via Congress!), the EPA. This “governance of decrees and bureaucracy” EPA now dominates us to keep us safe due to Climate Change.

After forty years of climate fearmongering, which cities along the coast are now flooded or even in danger of being flooded? None. Stop this madness! If something is banned or unbanned, it needs to be voted upon first by our elected officials, not dictated by unelected bureaucrats or decree-happy Presidents.

The authority of government is dependent on the consent of the governed—the people—through their elected representatives. Apparently, both major parties, but especially the Democrats, have abandoned these democratic principles. We are no longer a free society. Shall we start hailing “Caesar!”?

Dalila Epperson, Marina