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Fair and equitable

‘Fair and equitable’, Carmel Pine Cone – August 18, 2023

Last week The Pine Cone featured a front page article headlined, “Schools OK training in ‘equity grading.’” The subject was “implementing equity grading in the classroom.” It could easily have been headlined, “Introducing woke to teacher training by taking every subjective component out of grading and focusing on mastery and content.”

David Henderson, a former professor at NPS, was among several residents who spoke out against the application of equitable grading for several reasons. One of which, in my opinion, is that grading is subjective in itself. There is no way for millions of teachers to arrive at a “fair and equitable” grading standard, try as Joe Feldman, author of “Grading for Equity” endeavored to do.

Equity grading is as woke as DEI, an ethic once popular among American corporations, now in the process of deconstruction. A failed corporate trial balloon now being wished upon schools.

Roland Martin, Carmel Valley