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Mobster-like officials

“Mobster-like officials,” Monterey Herald – June 22, 2023

It appears the government at many levels is the main funder and promoter of homelessness. This booming industry provides the homeless with free phones, free food, free clothing, free shelter in buildings or hotels, free drug paraphernalia, and sometimes even free illegal drugs. Is this any way to end homelessness and chronic drug abuse?

Moreover, the big cities are not prosecuting most crimes. They actually ignore criminal activity by reclassifying felonies, even violent ones with guns, into no-bail misdemeanors. The police simply catch and release.

The big city politicians and Democrats are encouraging homelessness, drug use, and criminal conduct. Apparently, they want to create a Gotham City environment in order to acquire more power, along with billions of state and federal funds. We should instead be prosecuting and jailing these politically elite criminals.

Then again, cleaning up our cities will be an almost impossible Herculean task, since these mobster-like officials run the cities tighter than Al Capone’s gang.

— Lawrence Samuels, Carmel

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