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DEI Scam

“DEI Scam,” Carmel Pine Cone – June 23, 2023

Pacific Grove is getting scammed by a company that has a formula for guilt relief and offers reverse discrimination as the cure-all. The P.G. experience is no different than what is going on throughout the country. “Experts” under the guise of creating a more equitable and inclusive society are simply changing the pieces on the game board by taking the historically advantaged and making them the currently disadvantaged. They are also lowering standards, which creates a drive toward mediocrity at the expense of meritocracy.

For the “woke at heart,” I wonder whom you select as your doctor, lawyer, and children’s teachers? For the historically disadvantaged groups, how does it feel to have the Woke Folks lower the standards so you can compete?

For the top achievers of every race and culture, prepare to play on a biased playing field because you are now the focus of discrimination and exclusion.

The world is trying to fix a problem by lowering standards and creating new groups to be discriminated against.

Bill Offenberg, Monterey