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Biden’s promise

“Biden’s promise,” Monterey Herald – June 20, 2023

Well, it looks like Biden has gone off the rails again. In his June 14th speech to the League of Conservation Voters in Washington D.C., the President declared he has “plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean.” Biden made this statement just minutes after four environmental groups endorsed his re-election campaign.

Well, so much for the Green New Deal. A 6,200-mile railroad over the Indian Ocean would require unimaginable amounts of fossil fuels, iron ore, and energy. Obviously, any amount of money from train tickets could not hope to pay for this multi-quadrillion-dollar construction job.

The environment will obviously be compromised and we would have to drill and mine like never before to accomplish this task. I am also afraid that this endeavor might turn into another expensive train-to-nowhere fiasco like California.

Then again, maybe we should not be worried. After all, politicians are very good at making campaign promises they rarely keep.

— Sharon Wood, Carmel