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America in decline

“America in decline,” Monterey Herald – June 18, 2023

When you subsidize homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, illegal immigration, and protection of criminals, these things increase. These Democrat and liberal policies have sucked the life out of California.

California with 12% of the American population has 30% of all of the homelessness in the country.

The symbols of downtown San Francisco are feces, urine, and vomit on its sidewalks. Its inhabitants who do not die from drug and alcohol addiction have become walking-dead zombies. Those with mental illnesses who are a threat to themselves and others are not well served by Democrat leaders who do not take them off the streets to get medical and or psychiatric treatment.

My sister and I have been threatened twice in downtown San Francisco and will not go there again, unless and until safety and cleanliness return.

We need to have much stronger anti-drug addiction policies, including marijuana, which has 15 times more THC levels in it than 30 years ago.

We need to gradually eliminate tent cities across the country and give the homeless the tools to be viable and good neighbors through tough love on drug rehab or jail and vocational job training in the inner cities taught by people in the industries who get no salary but tax credits to teach and possibly hire.

Finally, we need to eliminate failed Proposition 47 and lower the felony-shoplifting figure from $900 to $200, and arrest and jail them.

— Ronald Lomanto, Monterey