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Genital mutilation of children

“Genital mutilation of children”, Monterey Herald – sent on March 30, 2023, not published

We have entered an era of genital mutilation of children in K-12 schools! In most states, a child cannot get a tattoo until the age of 18. Think about that.

Surgery and hormone-blocking drugs for children have become a hugely profitable business. Medical hospitals and drug companies are eager to turn underage males into females and vice versa, at a hefty profit. It’s all about profit for these drug companies, your children be damned; parents because in some states it can be done at the sole discretion of the child without your knowledge or permission. And in California, there’s a bill about to be passed that allows your child (12 yrs old) to ask to be taken from parents at any time if they attend school. (Only Homeschoolers are “safe” from this bill).

It is a medical fact that almost every cell of the human body has either female or male chromosomes. Ripping out or attaching body parts does not change a person’s chromosomes. Perhaps this is why the suicide rate for transgenders is so high; their body and mind are at war with each other with or without the surgeries/hormone blockers. This is sexual abuse and it is now common in schools, hospitals, and the halls of woke politicians these days.

Time to homeschool. Time to vote these politicians out.

–Dalila Epperson, Monterey