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A Debase Democrat Party

 “A Debase Democrat Party,” March 31, 2023 –Sent to the Carmel Pine Cone, but not published

With the show-trial indictment of Donald Trump, we have entered ground that we once scorned the Germans and Russians for trudging.  The sour ferment of Europe, with its murderous socialist experiments, was truly worthy of the scorn of a proud, free people.

But now, with the Marxist bent of the Democrat Party leading the compliant masses the fix is in and the rule of law has become whatever they choose to say it is.  Consider that Nancy Pelosi recently stated that Donald Trump “has the right to a trial to prove his innocence”.  It is a basic tenet of American jurisprudence that is impressed on every American juror at every trial that the burden of guilt must be proved by the prosecution.  That the former Speaker of the House, once third in line for the presidency, does not recognize that basic right is proof of a sea change in political thought in this country.

To further prove my point, consider that “Buffalo Horn Man” from the January 6th-based incarcerations have been released because films of that day were brought to light out of the evil clutches of our polluted DOJ which had concealed them for two years.  These films, which show Capitol Police opening doors and escorting the Shaman of Silliness throughout the Capitol, were traitorously withheld from the trials of those still incarcerated in gulag-style imprisonment.

Any rational person can readily recognize that the indictment of President Trump was imposed under these same vile circumstances purely as a political move by a debased Democrat Party.

Richard S. Hellam, Seaside