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Trump 4

“Trump 4,” Monterey Herald – April 5, 2023

The charges against Trump were not revealed before Tuesday afternoon, reminding me very much of a play I studied in school a lot, “The Trial,” Kafka’s story of a man chosen to face trial without knowing what crimes he was being charged with. It’s really sad that we as a nation think it’s OK to send billions of dollars for weapons of destruction to Ukraine, risking nuclear disaster from a damaged power plant and possible war with Russia, but we think a former president should be arrested for paying off a blackmailer to save his reputation from damage, not to mention the friction it could have caused with his own wife and family. No doubt, his lawyers will ask, would the same charges be filed against someone else?

Now, Biden is out sightseeing tornado damages for a photo op. If only his wallet had more priorities to solve our problems here at home, too.

— Bill Graham, Salinas   

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