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Trump 5

“Trump 5,” Monterey Herald – April 5, 2023

The recent kangaroo court indictment of Trump was not about Democrats and Republicans nor liberals and conservatives but about insiders and outsiders. Trump, the ultimate outsider, is challenging the deep state insiders of politics with their perks and wrongheaded foreign and domestic policies. Senator Schumer gloated that if Trump took on the corrupt intelligence agencies, they have a million ways of Sundays to go after him.

With maturity, wisdom, and experience, Trump knew that, in order, for Middle East peace between Muslims, Arabs, and Jews, you do not go through intransigent Palestinians nor Iran but through 150 billion other Arabs, Muslims, and Israel to make the deals. Thus you isolate the Palestinians and Iran whose motto is “death to Jews.” But the lifer diplomats who have never brokered any peace deals were jealous and afraid of Trump’s successes and their own frailty to lose their positions.

Lifer insider Democrats and Never Trumper Republicans love their good old boys Washington D.C. set up of crony socialism which picks winners and losers and ensures they keep their perks and power.

Trump represents average Americans and that scares the elitist lifetime politicians and diplomats who do not have the best interest of the American people.

— Ronald Lomanto, Monterey

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