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Unfit Transportation Secretary Buttigieg

“Unfit Transportation Secretary Buttigieg,” Santa Cruz Sentinel – submitted Jan. 15, 2023, unpublished

Americans deserve cabinet members with experience in their appointed positions. Biden failed the public in appointing a small city mayor with no background in transportation as our top transportation person. There are dozens of CEOs of large transport companies or FAA officials, who have fantastic expertise in transportation management. Our president is compromising the safety and comfort of the American people by using identity politics over proficiency in choosing cabinet members. We just had the FIRST complete USA shutdown of all flights (Note that the shutdown after 911 was a conscious choice.) We also just had the greatest AMTRAK failure in memory, and earlier in 2022 had historic port backups. A good executive would have foreseen most of this, or stress-tested our systems for resilience.

Dr. C. Michael Hogan, Monterey, California 

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