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Gas stoves

“Gas stoves,” Monterey Herald” – Monterey Herald – Jan. 19, 2023

I read your letters to the editor on Jan. 17.  I especially enjoyed the cartoon of an overweight, middle-aged elephant with sagging breasts who revolts against the idea of taking away her gas stove. I really sympathize with the elephant even though I don’t resemble her that much except that I share the sentiment.  I DO have a gas stove that looks just like the one in the cartoon (plus a natural gas fireplace, a natural gas water heater and a natural gas clothes dryer).  I will remember your left-wing, very natural and full of hot air sense of humor next time elections roll around. Thanks to natural gas, I survived FIVE power PG&E shutdowns in comfort during the first few weeks of January. More power and glory to the Left Wing and the Great New Green Deal.

— Carol Marquart, Pacific Grove