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Trump vs. Biden

“Trump vs. Biden,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 25, 2023

Initially angered, subsequently amused by the guilty verdict issued in Sunday’s Opinion page. I wonder where on God’s green earth do people obtain their crystal balls to enable them to render their form of justice well before all the facts are known. An exiting president does have certain rights in removing materials from the White House. Trump probably declassified the material which would put an end to another smear campaign by the left. If what he did was illegal, he will be held accountable. The fact is the documents were held in a secure house in the fortress that is Mar-A- Lago. Actually, it is a matter of fact that Trump’s lawyers were engaged in ongoing conversations with the National Archive people, thus negating the need for the staged raid.

On the other hand, Biden had neither the authority nor the right to remove the papers he haphazardly has strewn across most of the East Coast. He had, as vice president, no power to declassify anything. The writer has correctly described Biden’s presidency as “bumbling ineptitude” as evidenced by his years as President. Appears that Biden’s removal and mishandling of materials should be proven to be much worse than Trump’s.

As the evidence slowly becomes fact, then and only then, are we able to make a rational judgment as to one’s guilt or innocence. Hopefully, justice will be applied evenly, but I am skeptical of that occurring due to the weaponization of the government and most media against the Republicans, Independents and Conservatives. To my friends on the left, if the government is successful in shutting us down, guess what, they will then come after you!

— Raymond Souza, Corral de Tierra