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A threat to democracy?

“A threat to democracy?” Monterey Herald – November 23, 2022

For wanting inflation and the prices for gas, oil, and all other needed goods to return to 2019 levels. For demanding that the Judicial System enforce laws as written and provide equal justice for all and for a massive reduction in crime. For securing our southern border, for not paying aliens for being here illegally, and for stopping the torrent of drugs flowing through our porous border. That abortion laws correctly remain within the realm of each state. That elections be safe, secure, accurate, and finalized in a timely manner. That our children be taught to learn and think for themselves and not be indoctrinated by teachers, and that parents play a vital role in determining curriculum for their children. That those who signed loans for their college education be mature and responsible enough to realize and accept their responsibility to repay their loans; that newly elected people have the intestinal fortitude to drain the cesspool of the swamp that is Washington DC, that the country has a balanced budget without raising taxes and for a reduction in our $31.5 trillion debt. So the evidence has been submitted and the verdict is in, according to Joe Biden that I am a threat to democracy; I am guilty on all counts. So beat me until I am red, white, and blue.

— Raymond Souza, Corral de Tierra