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Inconvenient Truth about Greenhouse Gases

“Inconvenient Truth about Greenhouse Gases,” Monterey Herald – Not published, Sent –Nov. 1, 2022

Biden’s war on fossil fuels is predicated on the role of carbon dioxide. Recent research has revealed that the most potent greenhouse gas is actually Nitrogen Trifluoride, which is growing faster in the atmosphere than CO2: A huge inconvenient truth, since the main source of Nitrogen Trifluoride is a by-product of the manufacture of solar panels and several other electronic devices. Nitrogen Trifluoride is not only much more potent, but persists in the atmosphere for over 740 years: much longer than carbon dioxide. Thus, even if one is committed to greenhouse gases as an existential threat, the USA should be eliminating solar panels, not natural gas. The landmark 2021 Brookings study spells this out clearly.

Dr. C. Michael Hogan, Monterey