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Save our schools

“Save our schools,” Carmel Pine Cone – Nov. 25, 2022

Many Americans remember the days when it was common to hear the phrase, “There is something rotten in Denmark.” I don’t recall hearing that pejorative phrase recently, but there is something rotten in America and that something is our own public school system.

We look to our federal government to correct such things as inflations and poverty, but we can’t look to government to pull the nation’s public schools out of their misbegotten slide into aimless dystopia; this foggy educational morass has been led by the federal Department of Education. Learning has been replaced by ideology and indoctrination. Meritocracy replaced by equality. In math, searching for an answer is given credit for trying. Reading and writing are all but abandoned.

Teachers may rise in indignation, but look at the data. High school graduates have never been so ill prepared to go onto higher learning. For solutions, we must look to parents who favor charter schools and school choice. Mothers and fathers, make your voices known in the next election. Vote down Randi Weingarten; end the chokehold teachers unions have on our rotten school system. SOS. Save our schools. It is being done in Virginia and Florida. California must be next.

Roland Martin, Carmel Valley