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SOTU address

“SOTU address,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 12, 2023

More propaganda from Biden! A rambling speech filled with half-truths and lies. To listen to his rhetoric, one would assume that everything is right with our country and our place in the world.  Lower gas prices, lower food costs, no inflation, less crime in our streets, a secure border, respect throughout the world, and a $1.4 trillion reduction of the national debt, lower everything! Thank God for Joe Biden! We have no problems, except for those nasty MAGA Republicans that are responsible for all our country’s and world’s problems.

If one is naive enough to believe any of Biden’s verbal diarrhea, I have a bridge to sell you and can only assume you believe in the tooth fairy, Easter bunny and Santa Claus.

Hopefully, when Biden pens a book after he leaves the White House, he can plagiarize part of another great liar’s book title, except his title will be “Mein Kampf Mit Lugen,” which translates to My struggle with lying.

Drain the swamp, remove career politicians from office by voting them out. God bless America!

— Raymond Souza, Corral de Tierra