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Deal with facts

“Deal with facts,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 10, 2023

The legacy media rarely deal with facts when shootings first occur. Instead, they dish out racist-biased speculation. To the media, the criminals are almost always presumed to be white males harming innocent Blacks or Asians. The 11 Asians killed in Monterey Park were assumed to be white supremacists, when in fact, the killer was an elderly Asian male. The same prejudice occurred when five cops kicked, beat and eventually killed a motorist in Memphis, Tennessee. Naturally, it had to be the evil work of white supremacists. No, it was five Black policemen supervised by a Black police chief.

So, why does the media pump out so many false stories? Do they want a race war? Do they want to embellish the false narrative that America is a land of white supremacists?

Perhaps these pro-Democrat partisans are still haunted by their past role in supporting black slavery, segregation and injustice. Maybe, they want to return to their good old days of a one-party Democrat Party rule where they could do anything to minorities and political opponents alike.

Whatever it is, media outlets have a habit of telling a lie when the truth fails to support their narrative.

— Lawrence Samuels, Carmel

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