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Chinese spy balloon

“Chinese spy balloon,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 12, 2023

There was no reason for President Biden to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon over the Atlantic Ocean. Our most serious adversary in Asia had already transmitted the data back to Chinese authorities. So the real question is, why the delay?

The Chinese balloon was first detected in Alaskan airspace before it eventually “drifted” into Montana and over 20 U.S. military bases in its seven-day journey to the shores of South Carolina. Again, why the delay? The balloon was in American airspace. We would not allow Chinese warplanes to enter American airspace!

Was Joe Biden doing a favor for China? The Hunter Biden laptop, now recognized by Hunter as his property, revealed that he had made millions of untaxed money from business deals with China companies owned and controlled by the CCP. Moreover, Hunter mentioned that his dad, the “big guy,” would get a good slice of Chinese money. Is it possible that Joe Biden is still beholden to the Chinese and their money? It appears that yes, foreign interests have indeed compromised Joe Biden.

— Dalila Epperson, Monterey 

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