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The Lockean Project

“Pacific Grove meetings”

Monterey Herald–March 6, 2024

Announced twice at every PG Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion meeting — “Public comment is encouraged if it is not disruptive to the meeting.  … Pursuant to these policies, as Chair, if disruptive conduct needs to be addressed, I will warn the individual that their behavior is disrupting and that their failure to cease their behavior may result in their removal.  And if the disruption continues, I may confer with City staff including the City Attorney.  Cause for removal of the individual if they do not promptly cease their behavior.”

Police officers have been present at some meetings. PG residents are always polite, respectful, and calm at these meetings. What is DEI afraid of?  Are they projecting their own offensive behavior against the good people of PG?  I am truly embarrassed for this Task Force that is supposed to stand for Equity and Inclusion, yet wields power-mongering, bullying, and hyper-vigilance against our citizens.  What DEI is hoping to find here doesn’t exist among these peaceful, loving people. Perhaps the “force” can better satisfy its insatiable hunger for “diversity” elsewhere.

— Giovanna Vesperi, Pacific Grove