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The Monterey Herald – Jan. 18, 2024

I am 100% against abortion. That being said, I shall always defend anybody’s right to have an abortion, it is their choice, but methinks there is a compelling argument that having an abortion requires much thought and consideration for both parties. The consequences of an abortion are lifelong for both woman and child. The woman who undergoes an abortion speaks only for herself, not the innocent child she is terminating. Common sense, decency, and mercy should surely dictate that the pregnancy be terminated very early in the process.

In fact, if one does not want to have a baby, there are numerous methods to prevent a pregnancy which I will not enumerate. Suffice it to say, instead of fast-service abortion clinics needing to meet quotas the facilities should instead inform the patient of the ramifications involved for both mother and child including, of course, bringing the child to full term and then giving the baby up for adoption.

Does anyone ever consider the possibility that one aborted child might grow into adulthood to discover a cure for cancer, or another to develop an inexpensive energy source to preclude requiring gas or a heavy battery to power vehicles and homes, or another to play a prominent role in securing peace between warring nations, or another to marry your child and give you beautiful grandchildren, or yet, another to be the love of your life and be together for numerous decades?
Somebody needs to speak for the innocent, they cannot, will you?

— Raymond Souza, Corral de Tierra

Editor notes: libertarians can be either against or for abortion, but if they favor abortions, it would be an early-term abolition.