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The Lockean Project

“Law eliminates marijuana testing”

Carmel Pine Cone, sent in on Jan. 9, 2024, not published

One of the California laws passed by the veto-proof Democrat legislature, and signed into law by the Democrat governor, is AB2188.  This law essentially eliminates the marijuana testing by businesses to ensure the citizens of this state are protected from impaired employees, be they semi-truck drivers or the grocery clerk who hands you your change.  There are a few, like construction workers who are still subject to be tested, but this law will give them the impetus to sue their employers for being “unfairly” singled out.  So, will even they be stringently tested?  Nonetheless, health workers, transportation personnel, and those working in manufacturing and agriculture are secure from termination.  Make sense?  Evidently, Democrat California feels that a history of drug use is no reason to rid oneself of potentially dangerous employees.

Richard S. Hellam, Seaside