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Urban interests

“Urban interests”, Carmel Pine Cone – Oct. 27, 2023

What I learned from this week’s Carmel Residents Association-sponsored housing meeting is that Sen. John Laird and Assemblywoman Dawn Addis are supporting the interests of the largest Democrat-run cities in the state.

They seem to believe that the small, lovely areas that we live in must be led into the future by the party of the crowded, urban, liberal cities. They believe that the urban problems are our problems, and we must cooperate with their wishes by overturning local zoning authorities, and that since urban areas have low-cost housing shortages and diminished qualities of life, we must be forced to be more like them.

Instead of standing up for us, Addis and Laird have caved in.

The first thing Laird needs to do is organize senators to rescind these authoritarian housing mandates. If he refuses, then it’s time we voted him out of office and bring in some new representation. Inexperience Addis, in her first term, needs to start off on the right foot before she learns too many bad political habits. Otherwise, votes for them are votes for continued big-city Democratic Party interests, not ours.

Vincent Tuminello, Pacific Grove