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Restoring local control

“Restoring local control”, Carmel Pine Cone – Oct. 27, 2023

I just watched the Carmel Residents Association town hall on the state housing mandates. Neither Sen. John Laird nor Assemblymember Dawn Addis was able to clearly articulate any concrete, workable solutions to all of the problems these high-density new housing developments will cause in our communities. We do not have the infrastructure or resources to support all of this new housing that the state is requiring on the Central Coast.

Additionally, Addis stated at the end of the town hall that there is a “younger generation that wants to build wealth” who are consequently very supportive of all of this housing legislation that takes away local control. How will building a bunch of rental apartments anywhere and everywhere create “generational wealth?”

Were you thinking about the generational wealth that will be created for the developers who build these hideous, cheaply constructed monstrosities?

If the state were serious about creating more opportunities for young people to buy homes to create wealth, it would eliminate the capital gains tax so older people can sell their homes without incurring an enormous tax bill.

After listening to your responses to the questions, I am committed more than ever to restoring local control of zoning and housing decisions and will be voting accordingly.

Cristina Spano, Monterey

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