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The real haters of the Jews

“The real haters of the Jews – the socialists,” MC Weekly, sent in on Oct. 2, 2023, not published

There have always been “haters”, but editor Sara Rubin missed one of the loudest belittlers of the Jewish people—socialists from Marx’s insensitive remarks in 1843 (“What is the worldly religion of the Jews? Huckstering? What is his world God? Money.”) to Adolf Hitler’s 1920 “Why We Are Anti-Semites” speech, proclaiming to thousands, (“If you are socialist, how can you not be antisemites.”) The Jewish historian Zosa Szajkowski concluded in an exhaustive study that he “could not find a single word on behalf of Jews in the whole of French socialist literature from 1820 to 1920.” So, the real hardcore anti-Semites appear to be the anti-capitalist and anti-merchant socialists. Who would have guessed?

Lawrence Samuels | Carmel