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Newson’s housing mandate

“Newson’s housing mandate,” sent to the Carmel Pine Cone on Oct. 9, 2023, was not published

One of last week’s letters to the Pine Cone lamented that Governor Newsom’s housing mandate (ADU’s) is “wrong for Pacific Grove and Carmel.”  True, but the issue is larger than that.  This mandate is toxic to a healthy, safe, and harmonious lifestyle whether implemented in Pacific Grove, Carmel, or any municipality in California. Most city governments in the state have simply ceded their authority, and their responsibilities to the oppressive whims of this playboy elitist without a whimper.  Newsom has essentially made cuckolds of these municipal entities, not unlike what he literally did some years back to his own friend when he was mayor of San Francisco.+

These housing mandates increase densities which greatly threaten fire danger, facilitate the spread of communicable diseases, add to noise and light pollution, and create hazardous and contentious parking issues.  In Seaside there are three ADU’s now being built, and another one is planned on just one side of a street that already has 14 existing homes. Those four additions will add over a 28% increase to an area that was already fully developed by any reasonable standard.  This, and worse will occur all over the state.

There is no housing crisis that wasn’t horribly exacerbated by Newsom’s enabling and encouragement of illegal populations into this state.  Californians, as if not forcibly generous to these trespassers already through free health care and end-run welfare programs, will now have to make room in their own backyards for this never-ending stream.  If Carmel and Pacific Grove residents feel that their “last hometown” and “quaint village” are threatened they, and all Californians need to reconsider voting for the political party responsible for this ever again

Richard S. Hellam, Seaside