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Supreme Court decisions

“Supreme Court decisions”, Monterey Herald – sent in on July 7, 2023, never published

Regarding the Supreme Court’s recent rulings, Democrats have reverted to doublespeak. They believe that we must fight racism with racism, fight censorship with censorship, fight inequality with inequality, and fight unfairness with unfairness. It is all political and psychological babble.

Then again, it was the Democrat Party that promoted slavery under the argument that slaveholding was “instead of an evil, a good – a positive good.” Members of this anti-freedom party organized an insurrection, started the Civil War, promoted Ku Klux Klan terrorism, codified segregation/Jim Crow policies, lynched thousands of black males, violated blacks’ voter and gun rights, and turned the Southern states into a one-party despotism.

In 1864, the New York Times noted that the Southern Democrats’ devotion to slavery retained a “stubbornness of fond infatuation such as the world has seldom seen”. I believe they still desire a form of slavery, not so much based on race, but one that demands political and economic powers to enslave most Americans.

Dalila Epperson, Monterey