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Cheaper living

“Cheaper living”, Carmel Pine Cone – July 21, 2023

In last week’s Pine Cone, Lindamarie Rosier made an excellent point about the challenges and the wisdom of adding low-income housing to the village of Carmel. It’s one thing to create government-mandated low-income housing, but the idea of how those low-income folks will survive day to day in Carmel is not really considered by the legislation.

For example, if one is living in low-income housing in Carmel, where does one shop for groceries and other items? Not in Carmel, that’s for sure. The high rents retailers pay here preclude them from offering “dollar store prices” on day-to-day essentials. The discount and dollar stores are located in communities that have a significant number of lower-income residents.

It makes more sense that low-income housing be located where the residents have easy and close access to goods and services that match their pocketbooks.

Mark Carbonaro, Monterey