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Sound of Freedom

“Sound of Freedom”, Monterey Herald – July 15, 2023

Editor note: For some strange reason, the statist left hates this film.  It is a true story and occurred in Columbia.

My sister and I just saw a great movie titled, “Sound of Freedom.” It is a true story about a Homeland Security agent rescuing children who were kidnapped by slave traders and sold to pedophiles and others. This is a story about bravery, love, and determination. The movie has been the biggest hit in the country and we recommend this movie to everyone. There are  American heroes that exist in the country and they need to be highlighted in this day and age of out-of-control crime and violence.

The human slave trade is massive and it rewards the bad guys who have made so many innocent people and their families victims of these heartless and selfish evil criminals who perpetrate these crimes.

But score one for the good guys in this true movie as it states that children are not for sale. The movie is being shown in Monterey and you will be glad you saw it.

— Ronald Lomanto, Monterey