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The rejection of science

“The rejection of science”, Monterey Herald – sent in on June 29, 2023, never published

Our schools are fast becoming institutes that reject science. It is as if America has slid back into the dark ages.

In January of 2023, a biology professor was fired for teaching that sex was determined by X and Y chromosomes, in a course that Professor Johnson Varkey has taught at St. Philip’s (a Historically Black College in San Antonio, Texas) for over 20 years. His teaching material originated from his school-approved curriculum. Nobody had ever disagreed with his lectures until last year when several students were outraged by his remarks that “reproduction must occur between a male and a female to continue the human species.” They demanded that their longtime biology teacher be fired.

The transgender community opposes biology because it does not fit their narrow-minded ideology. To them, sex is an arbitrary social construct, something malleable and changeable. They are simply making up their own absurd notion about biology, which has no scientific basis in fact. But the worst part is that school administrators are willing to destroy education and the careers of teachers in order to satisfy a vocal minority that has more in common with witchcraft than science.

Sharon Wood, Carmel