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Please don’t hire

“Please don’t hire”, Carmel Pine Cone, July 7, 2023

Thank you Kelly Nix at the Carmel Pine Cone, for your well-researched article about the DEI Task Force in Pacific Grove.

The DEI Task Force has recommended the services of a private consultant firm at an estimated cost of $356,000 dollars. What will this consulting firm do? Make the city of Pacific Grove “more equitable and inclusive.”

The co-founder, john powell (he does not capitalize his name), professor of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley, believes it is unfair to treat different races the same. john powell has written that White people believe in White Privilege and have an unconscious bias against Black people.

It seems that john powell has a bias of his own. Does he know about the recent Supreme Court decision that ruled against racial discrimination in colleges? Does he know that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of equality of opportunity, not equity that favors one racial group over another? Please, Pacific Grove Counsel members, don’t hire this consultant. Not even if it’s free!

Carol Marquart, Pacific Grove

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