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DEI A to Z

DEI A to Z”, Carmel Pine Cone – July 7, 2023

I would like to thank The Pine Cone for the June 16 regarding the Pacific Grove DEI Task Force proposal from Seed Collaborative. Since then, I have read articles and listened to proponents saying that the budget and fees table on page 16 of the document listing a total cost of $356,256.50 is not written in stone. Rather, we are told that this fee table is a “menu” from which our city council can pick and choose.

Now, how does that make any sense? After reading the documents, I cannot find a description of this fee table as being a menu.

If the goal of the DEI is to end the racism, hate and inequality that has befallen Pacific Grove, how can that be accomplished without following tasks A1 through A8 as listed on page 16 of the proposal submitted by Seed Collaborative?

Aside from this conundrum, the question, how does Pacific Grove plan to fund this? While the city works through complicated budget discussions, our priorities have not changed. Between operating budget priorities and infrastructure priorities, which funding do we take away from to pay for the DEI Consultant? Especially Infrastructure.

After this last year, we must remember, winter is coming.

Stephen Houx, Pacific Grove