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 “Politicization,” Monterey Herald – May 26, 2023

We now know from the Durham investigation, the Twitter Files and the FBI whistleblowers who recently testified before Congress, that the FBI and other federal agencies have become branches of the Democrat Party.

Libertarians have warned for decades about the dangers of allowing the executive branch to have its own army, comparing the FBI to the Roman Empire’s “Praetorian Guard.” This elite army unit not only controlled the city of Rome and the emperor himself but in many cases, overthrew emperors and installed the new Caesar of Rome.

The Democrats are also using the FBI to go after parents, religious organizations and other political parties, instead of Antifa, city rioters and violent criminals.

The politicization of the executive branch is unacceptable. Our federal government agencies must return to their constitutional duties and remain independent, impartial and unpolitical.

— Lawrence Samuels, Carmel