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Durham Report

“Durham Report,” Monterey Herald – May 21, 2023

The Durham Report of factual evidence of our government conspiring to influence a presidential campaign and election can be found buried on page nine. Shame on you! The information in this much-delayed report makes Watergate a picnic on a Sunday afternoon. The evidence of confirmational bias by the government during their so-called investigations is compelling and must be addressed. Obama, Biden and the heads of the DOJ, FBI, CIA and others met to discuss Hillary Clinton’s operative plan to discredit Trump to win the election in 2016. They of course did nothing to stop this and most likely approved and supported Hillary’s plan which makes them all complicit in the “Russian Hoax.” Even the men that wrote the article in the Herald poorly attempted to dismiss the severity and importance of the report. The impact and consequences to our country will be devastating if those involved are not held accountable. If unchecked there will never again be a fair, honest and accurate presidential election in the U.S.

Most media barely mentioned the report if at all, most newspapers buried it somewhere between Bizarro and the weather page and will make no mention of it in the foreseeable future. Are there any more journalists in this country that report the news accurately without judgement and bias? Apparently not. Editorials are for the Editorial Page!

The Durham Report lacks any substantial and serious charges regarding all the participants in this outrageous conspiracy, it merely slaps the hands of all the high-ranking government officials who attempted to derail Trump’s candidacy and later his presidency. Simply more reasons for the American people to drain the swamp and eliminate career politicians. if they are not doing what is best for this country, vote them out!

— Raymond Souza, Corral de Tierra