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Defend the Marine

“Defend the Marine,” Monterey Herald – May 21, 2023

Al Sharpton, ever the race hustler and race-baiter stroked his usual bigotry by saying that the heroic Marine who defended train car passengers from an out of control threatening career criminal as a white racist vigilante who attacked a harmless black man. This, “so called” harmless black man had, recently attacked a 69-year-old woman and punched her in the face in an unprovoked assault.

The bigoted New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg seems to believe that all black people are victims and never criminals. Bragg is not colorblind when it comes to crime and he must base his judgments on facts and not his hateful racial biases.

When this case should have gone to the grand jury to make a decision on whether to charge the Marine, Bragg, instead, made the decision, himself to do so. It seems to be based on race, as the Marine hero is white and according to several witnesses, was justified in his actions.

Ronald Lomanto, Monterey