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Energy security

“Energy security,” Monterey Herald – May 6, 2023

There are many who say that climate change is the biggest threat to humanity and that we need to give up our privacy and freedom in order to stop it. They are wrong on both counts. The World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization have all written how they want to shut down our society to “fight climate change.” They want dietary controls, energy controls, carbon restrictions, electric stoves, EVs, and climate change linked together. The future destructive effects of this are huge.

President Biden’s friend, communist China, will be exempt from their ever-increasing use of coal and growing emissions. China emits more CO2 than the next 28 industrialized countries combined and is building four times more coal electricity than the U.S. has right now. China uses more than half of the eight billion tons of coal used each year and gets 58% of their energy from coal. Decarbonizing efforts are undermining our national security and benefiting our rival, China.

The World Health Organization could order climate lockdowns to reduce pollution, which they say is good for public health. This is why President Biden has wrongly joined with WHO for the management of what he claims is world health.

We need to vote every one of our Democrat politicians out of office, starting here with Governor Newsom. Our personal freedom, affordable living, and energy security are at stake.

— Vincent Tuminello, Pacific Grove