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Electricity price increases

“Electricity price increases,” Carmel Pine Cone – May 5, 2023

The April 28 Pine Cone editorial touched on an income-based pricing structure for PG&E’s electric service. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Democrat-passed AB 205 into law last year against firm Republican opposition. This is to be expected of a one-party (Democrat) state government with their unholy collusion with corporate interests.

What this will do is create a three-tiered price structure which, on the surface, will supposedly benefit lower-income utility users. However, such a program already exists for low-income users under PG&E’s Care program, so the change reeks of abuse for all users. Some low-income customers will possibly see a moderate benefit, but everyone else will see higher bills because total costs will still be based on usage. With an additional underlying flat fee, all conscientious utility users will find themselves punished.

Don’t believe me and think big government is your friend? Remember when the CPUC ruled that Cal Am had the right to bill us for the water we saved during drought years? Under AB 205, if you normally use less electricity than the flat fee, then you, too, will pay for unused product.

Those who thought to be responsible by putting up solar panels on their roofs will find their effort for naught. Under AB 205, the flat fee for middle-income ratepayers will be $51, which pretty much obviates the roughly $10 “minimum delivery charge” that solar customers currently pay to PG&E in order to be connected to the grid. And, as many are quite aware, government interventions always cost the end user.

Doubt again? Consider the doubling of the Monterey One Water bills from $57 just six years ago to $109 today. Those PG&E price tiers will also increase as the good old boys in the Democrat Party grant further lucrative concessions to their corporate buddies.

Richard S. Hellam, Seaside