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Trans athletes

“Trans athletes,” Monterey Herald – April 19, 2023

It appears that one of the most violent movements in America today is transgenderism. Its followers verbally and physically attacked the former Division 1 college swimmer Riley Gaines recently at San Francisco State University. She spoke at a private meeting about saving women’s sports from males who decide they are women. Gaines suggested in her speech that universities and professional sports teams create a new division for trans athletes and let women compete only with other women.

Despite offering a reasonable solution, Gaines was abused by a transgender mob. She was shoved, peppered with obscenities and reportedly repeatedly slugged. Why such viciousness? Why are trans trying to silence and mistreat women? It seems that women’s rights, equality, and free speech are dead.

We must stop the violence and inequality that female competitors face. We must not erase women in sports. Democrats need to defend women’s rights, as they have in the past. And chiefly, Biden needs to be held accountable for his anti-women rhetoric and anti-biology policies.

— Lawrence Samuels, Carmel