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More blame game

“More blame game,” Monterey Herald – April 19, 2023

This shouldn’t have to be repeated, however, given what the White House just reported, here we go again. No one would argue that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was necessary. It was the way in which Joe Biden handled the withdrawal that was blatantly wrong. Biden said it was his decision, yet it was against the advice of some of his top advisors who stated this under oath in congressional hearings. And now, now Joe Biden and the Democrats are blaming Trump. No surprise there!  Seems it’s much easier for the Democrat administration to blame someone else rather than to take responsibility and accountability for their own actions. And then in a recent press conference, John Kirby stated, “it’s not about accountability,” “there’s a lot to be proud of,” and “I didn’t see the chaos.” Seriously? Did he not see hundreds of people hanging onto a U.S. Air Force plane and running down the runway with it? What about the 13 US service members who were killed along with over 100 Afghanis? Then there was billions of dollars of military equipment left behind that is now in the hands of the Taliban. Not about accountability John Kirby and Joe Biden? It’s all about accountability. But this current administration refuses to accept it.

— Patricia Nervino, Carmel Valley

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