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The real America

“The real America,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 8, 2023

No country could be a “White Supremacy” country where 350,000 White Union soldiers died and hundreds of thousands more maimed fighting against and defeating slavery in a Civil War.

The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, abolishing slavery, allowing Blacks to become citizens, and allowing Blacks to vote, which were passed by an all-white Congress, could not be a “White Supremacy” country.

No country that abolished Jim Crow Laws, and overcame segregation, could be White Supremacist.

America passed the Fair Housing Act, Civil Rights Laws, equal protection under the law, rights to public education, rights to use public facilities, rights to a fair trial and so many other rights which protect all races.

Our society has spent $60 billion over the past 50 years to improve the inner cities and black communities.

Barack Obama won two elections for president and received 47% of the white vote while Mitt Romney received, only 7% of the black vote.

With thousands of Black lawyers, judges, state attorney generals, mayors, Congressmen and Senators, chiefs of police, military officers, news anchors, journalists, successful businessmen, doctors, CEOs, high techies, wealthy superstar entertainers, sports stars and television hosts, America is not “White Supremacist.”

— Ronald Lomanto, Monterey