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Biden and the border

“Biden and the border,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 10, 2023

When our dysfunctional president visited Arizona a while back, when asked if he was going to the border, he sanctimoniously replied that he had more important things to do. Now it appears he is finally going to the border, but is it a concern to him? Apparently not, his clueless press secretary said Biden is on his way to Mexico with a stopover in Texas, so why not?

The wide open border is not a political problem, it is a matter of national security which is being completely ignored by the Biden Administration and is resulting in tens of thousands of American deaths due to fentanyl and rising crime in our country, not to mention the possibility of numerous terrorists now residing in our country waiting for the appropriate time to unleash their carnage upon American citizens. Biden swore at his inauguration to protect America from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, which he is not doing! He and the incompetent Mayorkas must be held accountable. We have immigration laws in effect, just enforce them and secure the border as Trump was doing.

The million and millions of hardworking Americans deserve better from this administration which is catering to an extremely small minority of people and their one issue existence. It is well past time that the swamp needs to understand that they work for us, not against us and that we can replace them as we choose.

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and safe 2023. God Bless America!

— Raymond Souza, Corral de Tierra