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Gender affirming therapy

“Gender affirming therapy,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 10, 2023

According to typical K-12 CA Health School contracts, there must be written parental consent for students for limited health care services. But, if the service is under the guise of sexual and reproductive care, no parental consent is needed. Gender-affirming hormone therapy aka cross-sex medication such as testosterone, estradiol and spironolactone can be given sans your consent. This has already happened in the Yolo County DJUSD school district. A parent got suspicious and obtained a FOIA request and got this info out. In Yolo County, school district DJUSD will allow your child as young as 12 to be treated. No parental consent needed. Who funds this? The K-12 partnership is partnered with clinicians and the Mental Health Student Services Act and CommuniCare. They also advertise they’ll help any student in Northern California. This means that if you live in California your taxes are funding secret gender transitions for minors in state-run schools and if you live in Northern California your child is up for grabs. So proud.

— Dalila Epperson, Marina